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Work Physicals / Pre-Employment Physicals and Screenings

Posted by on May 17th, 2013

Dr. Bella Zimilevich, MD “Whether you require a yearly exam for your current employer, a pre-employment screening for a prospective employer or a return-to-work exam following an illness or injury, we can help you meet your employer’s requirements”.

–Dr. Bella Zimilevich, MD

Work physicals are designed to help you and your employer determine your ability to perform specific duties or a particular job. Employers sometimes require a physical exam to limit future liability for work-related injury or illness by documenting a pre-existing illness, or identifying conditions that may result in illness or disability in the future. These physical exams can reduce sick time or help you avoid a job that is likely to injure you or make you ill.

Who needs a work physical?

You might be required to have a work physical before starting a job at a new company or transferring to a different position at your current place of business. I can help you determine if you are physically fit to perform the tasks your employer will expect of you. Consider me as the liaison between your employer and you, the guardian of your health.

I can also perform a physical examination to assess your recovery from an injury or illness to be sure you are healthy enough to return to work. I do this to reduce your risk for re-injury or to prevent exposing your co-workers to contagious illnesses, such as strep throat or the flu. If necessary, I can supply a return-to-work note for your employer, as some employers require a note if an employee is ill or absent for more than a couple of days.

Types of exams

I am qualified to perform several types of examinations to suit your employment needs, including:

  • Pre-employment exams
  • Annual exams
  • Executive physicals
  • Department of transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Respirator physical exams
  • Return to duty exams
  • FAA exams (Class I and II)

Ideally, you should have a pre-employment physical after you are hired and before you begin work to reduce the risk for discrimination based on disability, and then have a physical yearly so I can continue to monitor your overall health.

I also offer specialized employment exams if you are an executive, driver or pilot. If you are a firefighter or in another profession that uses respirators, OSHA requires that your employer ensure that you are medically able to use a respirator at your job. I will make sure you meet the physical requirements to use a respirator, or advise you on what adjustments you could make to the equipment so that it works/fits better for you.

What to expect

Each type of work physical is slightly different. For example, a respirator physical may include a pulmonary function test, while a DOT exam usually includes an eye test. While no two employee physicals are the same, almost all follow the same general procedures of gathering a medical history, performing a physical examination and obtaining a variety of laboratory tests. I understand what procedures are necessary for each type of exam to provide the results your employer requires, so that you get the results you need without any unnecessary steps.

There is no special preparation for most employee physicals. However, some laboratory tests require that you refrain from eating or drinking for several hours prior to having your blood drawn. When scheduling your visit, be sure to ask if you need to do anything special on the day of your appointment.

The day of your appointment

Present any papers your employer may have provided you with. Many employment physicals require the examining physician to fill out specific forms. My office workers and I will usually know which papers you will need and are glad to file the appropriate paperwork as necessary.

My nursing staff will help me gather pertinent details about your medical history. We will ask about your current health, previous illnesses, and family history. Depending on the type of employment exam you require, we may ask you to change into a hospital gown to make physical examination easier.

A nurse will take your vital signs, recording your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rate. These tests help me determine if you have high blood pressure, breathing problems, or an infection.

The exam

I will perform a physical examination specific to the type of employment physical you need – I may examine your entire body or focus on one area. For example, if you need a respirator physical, I will include a pulmonary exam to determine how well your heart and lungs function. In a return-to-work physical, I might include a head and neck exam, checking your throat and lymph nodes for signs of infection. Depending on your needs and the requests of your employer, I might check your abdomen, assess the health of your nervous system, or evaluate your spine health.

A pre-employment physical exam involves no pain. Most physical exams are quick, lasting only a few minutes as I focus on the most important physiological aspects of your job – I want to make sure your job is not harmful to your physical well-being.

Laboratory tests

Depending on the type of work examination you need, I may order laboratory tests. I might request a urinalysis because urine testing can detect certain problems even before you know you are ill. Blood tests, such as a complete blood count or metabolic panel, are broad screening tests that can evaluate your overall health or determine whether your treatment has worked well enough for you to return to work.

Your employer may require drug testing for commonly used or illicit substances, such as cocaine, marijuana, opiate painkillers and barbiturates. Drug tests require a sample of blood, urine, hair, sweat, or saliva. Blood and saliva tests measure drug use in the days prior to testing, while urine and hair samples detect drug use as far back as 90 days in some cases.

I send your specimens to a reputable and trustworthy medical laboratory in the area to ensure fast and accurate results.

We are here to help

My team and I are glad to help you succeed in your professional life, whether you are starting a new job, returning to work or enjoying a promotion. We are conveniently located and our fast and friendly team of medical professionals promises a quick turnaround time and accurate results. If you need an employee work physical, make an appointment today.

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