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Dr. Bella Zimilevich

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Specialized Exams (Work Physicals, School Physicals for College, etc)

Posted by on June 12th, 2013

Dr. Bella Zimilevich, MDApart from routine physicals, I also perform specialized exams for patients with special needs, including work physicals, pre-employment screenings and physicals required for entry to college. I understand that time is of the essence for these types of exams and will work with you to ensure that your paperwork is fully completed as quickly as possible”.

-Dr. Bella Zimilevich, MD

Work Physicals/Pre-employment Physicals and Screening

You may be required to complete this type of exam if you are starting a new job, if you are being promoted within your company or if you have been ill or injured and need to be medically cleared to return to work.

The following is a list of specialized work/employment exams I perform:

  • Pre-employment exams– these exams are usually requested for new employees. Their purpose is to determine whether you are physically capable or fit enough to perform in your new work role. They also provide a baseline of employee health that may be used to limit liability in case you are injured on the job.
  • Annual exams- some companies may require an annual physical to identify any health issues that may cause problems for you on the job. Sometimes these exams are required for employee insurance purposes.
  • Executive physicals- these physical exams are often more comprehensive and time-consuming than a regular physical exam, hence the use of the term “executive”. These exams are used to screen for a wider variety of conditions than most routine exams.
  • Respirator physical exams- if your job requires you to use a respirator, OSHA requires that your employer ensure that you are medically able to use a respirator at your job. I will make sure you meet the physical requirements to use a respirator, or advise you on what adjustments you could make to the equipment so that it works/fits better for you.
  • Return to duty exams- if you have been ill or have suffered an injury at work, I will examine you to ensure that you are fit to return to your job. Your employer may require you to be examined to ensure that you won’t reinjure yourself or to prevent the spread of an infectious illness to your co-workers. If needed, I can supply you with a note for your employer.

School Physicals/College Entrance Physicals

I also perform school physical exams for students who require a physical prior to starting a college or university program, or for students who are planning on playing college sports.

Many programs are competitive and challenging, both physically and mentally, therefore schools want to ensure that their students are up to the task before starting school. Some programs also have a practicum component in which students are in close contact with the public, so it is necessary to ensure that students are healthy and won’t pose a risk to those who may be vulnerable. Students who are playing college sports must also be healthy enough to play, and schools may want to limit liability by ensuring their players are healthy. These are just a few of the reasons why students may be required to have a physical exam prior to starting their college or university program.





Whether you require a physical for work purposes, or you are a student applying to college or university, I want to make your physical a positive experience. The sheer amount of paperwork can be overwhelming. Let me take some of the burden off your shoulders. I can see you quickly to perform your exam and get your paperwork completed so that you are ready to face the next chapter in your life, whatever it may be. If you need a physical, make an appointment today and discover the Mill Basin Medical difference.

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