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Botox (Wrinkle Treatment)

Posted by on June 5th, 2013

Dr. Bella Zimilevich, MD

We fight the battle against aging in many ways- through diet, exercise and skin care. Botox can help you maintain a youthful appearance. However, you want to choose the proper professional to administer your Botox. I am an artist as well as a physician, and I view your face as a beautiful canvas in need of minor restoration. Botox can smooth out imperfections such as wrinkles and fine lines, rejuvenating your appearance and making you appear younger and well-rested”.

-Dr. Bella Zimilevich, MD

What is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxic protein called botulinum toxin. In very large doses, this toxin can cause paralysis. When diluted and used in tiny amounts, Botox causes  relaxation of the facial muscles they are injected into.

How does Botox work?

Do you have deep furrows between your eyes and at the sides of your mouth? These furrows are caused by repetitive facial movements, such as smiling and frowning. Over the years, the muscle contractions that allow us to make facial expressions leave their mark behind in the form of these deep lines in our faces. When injected into these areas, Botox allows one to weaken these muscles in a controlled fashion.

Is Botox safe?

Yes, Botox is safe. It received approval from the FDA in 2002 for cosmetic use. That being said, you want to choose a professional who is experienced in its use. You have undoubtedly seen pictures of celebrities who appear to have a frozen expression or who seem unable to smile. This is likely due to their having ‘overdone it’, perhaps demanding more and more injections in the hopes that they will appear even younger.

I have training and experience in the use of Botox. I am an award-winning artist in addition to being  an internal medicine physician. As an artist, I have a true appreciation of beauty. Using Botox, I can skillfully enhance your best features while downplaying others. The result? A natural beauty that will make you look younger and totally refreshed, without looking overdone. It’s in my best interests to help my clients achieve a youthful but natural appearance- your appearance is the best advertisement of my aesthetic skills.

What can I expect at an appointment?

When you come in to see me to have Botox injected, we will first discuss what brought you to me. In other words, what are you hoping to achieve? What in particular is bothering you about your appearance? I’ll examine your skin. Following, I will tell you what I believe Botox can do for you. You will have ample opportunity to ask me any questions you may have.

How long does it take?

The actual procedure of injecting Botox takes only minutes. First, I cleanse the area(s) to be injected with an antiseptic. The injections themselves, as mentioned, take only minutes to perform. The discussion of the procedure may take longer than the actual procedure itself!

Does it hurt?

There may be a slight stinging sensation when the needle enters your skin. The sensation is brief and goes away almost immediately. Most people would not describe their Botox experience as painful in any way. Of course, the skill of the person performing the injections influences the pain factor. I can assure you that you will experience very minimal, if any, discomfort during your treatment.

If you have been unhappy with the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles and have been thinking about Botox, make an appointment to come in to see me. Together we will decide if Botox is right for you.

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